Tuesday, December 29, 2015

My Year in Review - 2015

Because Facebook just doesn't seem to tell the whole story, it's time for my annual no-filters, totally self-centered reflection on the year past. In no particular order, here's a look back at the somewhat bittersweet year of a full time social media manager, a full time mommy, and a full time part time party girl.
  1. Successfully made it to Boo's 4th birthday, Tim's 45th birthday, and my 39th birthday, all of which were celebrated with over the top Birthday Fun Weeks.
  2. Completed - with zero cheats - the Whole 30 in January, a 30 day detox that cut out sugar, dairy, grains, alcohol & legumes. I felt amazing .
  3. Consumed all of the sugar, dairy, grains, alcohol and legumes in the greater Seattle area in December. I felt feel un-amazing.
  4. Participated in and blogged about the Complaint Project & realized how much of an impact our words & outlook really have on ourselves...and each other.
  5. Struggled with a pretty serious case of summertime ennui resulting in bad choices & self-destructive behavior which, let's be honest, trickled into the fall too.
  6. Made the long, adults-only, weekend cool again and travelled to New Orleans, Vegas, Vancouver, and Sonoma & loved every second of my kid-free holidays.
  7. Took our first family vacation in 2 years to Kauai and relished every second of a peaceful, relaxing and totally family-friendly holiday.
  8. Felt enormously grateful to have the flexibility & the means to prioritize travel.
  9. Got with the program and stopped double-spacing after periods. (I'm a writer, people, this something worthwhile to note.)
  10. Swelled with pride, emotion and hysterical laughter as I watched my kid grow & become his own hilarious, intelligent, quirky, independent little weirdo.
  11. Seethed with irritation, impatience and frustration at my stubborn, bratty, ungrateful little monster.
  12. Ran. And ran. And ran. And then I ran my first half marathon, beating my goal by 17 minutes
    and my stretch goal by 2 minutes. And finally felt like I could call myself an athlete.
  13. Haven't run more than 5 miles at at time since then.
  14. Was consistently consumed by thoughts of work. First, unhappiness and unfullfillment. Then, struggles with Imposter Syndrome and self-doubt. Slowly, not only acceptance of myself and my role, but a total embrace of where I am in my career. And finally, pride in my accomplishments & total excitement of what's to come.
  15. Did not appreicate my husband enough for the amazing man that he is & everything he does for me and our family.
  16. Drank a lot of wine with my girls. Felt both hungover and yet rejuvenated. 
  17. Continued my neverending struggle with balance, still teetertottering from one extreme to the other. 
  18. Cried and cried and cried and felt something inside me change when my Aunt Gina, my godmother, died of Lewy Body disease in September. Cried while delivering my reading at the funeral. Cried for a lot of October. And November. And December too. 
  19. Became totally irritated and frustrated by anything that seems or feels inauthentic, often having trouble hiding my annoyance.
  20. Talked about penises, poop and tooting more than I ever could have thought possible.
  21. Laughed so much. Hopefully as much as I cried.
  22. Felt inspired and empowered during the Grace Hopper Women in Computer Conference in Houston. Realized that I am, in fact, a woman in technology, and that is pretty badass.
  23. Marked the 10 year anniversary of Tim's and my relationship & celebrated the fact that, overall, despite the tough times and our challenges, we are still in love. 
  24. Took risks, allowed myself to be uncomfortable, stayed up too late, said yes, did things that scared me, spoke my mind, looked like an idiot, and embraced the absurdity of life. 
  25. Discovered that even with my ennui, my struggles and my sadness, overall, the life I lead is pretty incredble.  
All I can say is....what's next?