Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Look Back

Because Facebook never seems to tell the whole story, I think it's time to remove the filters & break down my true 2014.  Here's an actual Year in Review of a Full Time Marketer, a Full Time Mommy & a Full Time Party Girl.  Thanks for being a part of it.
  1. Successfully made it to Boo's third birthday which he insisted on celebrating without pants
  2. Listened to "Shake It Off" and "Problem" way too many times
  3. Struggled with balance, often finding myself on a teeter-totter of extremes
  4. Relished, delighted in, and truly loved being a Mother to Boo & took great pleasure in our time together, watching him grow & change, and experiencing joy & newness through his eyes
  5. Relished, delighted in, and truly loved my time alone, with Tim or with my girlfriends
  6. Changed the name from "Date Nights" to "Adventure Nights" & made them a priority again
  7. Embraced my total Book Nerdiness & read a ton of new genres & authors
  8. Called myself a writer, but only wrote 10 blog posts (wait, 11 including this one!)
  9. Continued my love affair with wine while actually learning a lot about it during trips to Paso Robles, Napa and Sonoma, twice
  10. Learned the definitions of "microagressions" and "mansplaining" & experienced both, along with straight-up sexism, in both professional & personal settings
  11. Resolved that I would never, ever again allow myself to be condescended to or bullied again
  12. Began running again, found a renewed positive attitude toward it, achieved Personal Bests during a 5K in June & another in November, and committed to running my first half-marathon in June 2015(!)
  13. Celebrated as Boo started & thrived in preschool!  Cried at the quick decline of our family's health accompanying this milestone
  14. Loved my job, feared losing my job, questioned how good I was at my job, put everything I had into my job, thought about finding a new job, cried over changes to come in my job, explored how I could turn my love of my job into a business, and, finally, embraced the uncertainty of my job
  15. Cried as my Aunt, my God Mother, someone I've been very close with over all of these years, battles a disease that has turned her into a shell of herself.  Prayed - something I almost never do - for her and our family and all of the families struggling with disease & dementia
  16. Watched as my friendships changed, mourning those that are now lost & finding joy in new friends, renewed friends, and, of course, old friends
  17. Laughed.  A lot.  Cried a lot too.  (I guess there was balance in some areas then.)
  18. Dug deep into the idea of "Having It All", struggled with the guilt of being a working mother, and learned from the experiences of other women.  Looked forward to continuing to pursue & share more on this topic in the new year 
  19. Navigated the minefield that is a 9-year relationship; always trying to be careful, treading lightly & treating it with respect while always just a little worried what might blow up
  20. Chalked up yet another year without international travel (not counting Canada, eh), and the hole in my gypsy soul got bigger by the day
  21. Had lots and lots and lots of Dance Parties (see #2)
  22. Accepted some of the things in my life I cannot change, forgave myself for some larger mistakes and simultaneously struggled with regret
  23. Marked the 20th anniversary of my high school graduation, reminding me of the 18 year old poet & dreamer that's still inside me & remembering to listen to her a little more often
  24. Thought to myself over and over again, "I can't do this.  This is too hard.  I am not equipped for this.  I can't, I can't, I can't."  But then I went ahead and did it anyway. 
  25. Expressed gratitude for this amazing life I am lucky enough to lead.  But not nearly often as I should have done.
What a year it's been. xo